Dorkplomacy V3 (The "We'll finish this one" edition!)

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Dorkplomacy V3 (The "We'll finish this one" edition!)

Post by Prototheos on Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:41 am

This is going to be WAYYYY different from the last one we did, I'm sorry to say. this one will be capped at 4 players.
1: Be serious.
2: No griefing.
3: No 'Power gaming'
4: No Exploiting.
5: Be respectful of other players, it's just a game, and in no way effects who they are OOCly.

How to play.
The entire concept of this is that YOU the players, will be making a unique fantasy world, and wage war with one another as gods that create sentient/non-sentient species, and gain power through sentient worship of you.
the game itself will be seperated into 4 ages.

First: The Age of Birth.
In this age you design the god you play as, create your icon.
Second: The Age of Shaping.
The Divines shape the continent, making it larger, creating smaller islands, mountains, forests, rivers, volcanoes, deserts, et cetera.
Third: The Age of Creation.
The Divines create life itself, from wild life, to sentient life, giving them unique cultures, traits, and appearances.
Fourth: The Age of Civilization.
The Divines help guide the civilizations of the sentient life forms

How Avatars work.
Creating an avatar is a being that you physically control, it can be almost anything you want within limitations of "Power Gaming" and thus any combat a avatar initiates the avatar has +10 to combat rolls.

How Orders work.
Creating an order is creating a group within your race, they can be harsh inquisitors, lawful paladins, or genocidal templars.. Or they can be a guild of thieves, or a gang of spies, maybe an army of brigands that roam the countryside.

Alignments for Civilizations/Cities.
The species you design starts out "Neutral"
Here's a mock up scale for how it works.
+4 Pure. +Well mannered citizenry, -Warfare decreases happiness.
+2 Good. +Well mannered citizenry.
0 Neutral.
-2 Evil. -Crude/Self centered citizens.
-4 Corrupt. -Crude/Self centered citizens, +Warfare increases happiness. -Lack of Warfare decreases happiness.

Miscellaneous Notes.
If you don't manage your empire carefully they can suffer economic collapse, starvation, sometimes even civil wars against the appointed leaders.. it's best to keep an eye on your empire, and use Orders to your advantage to help manage them.
If you have questions feel free to ask me.

How the abilities work is you exert a certain amount of your power to influence the world.
At the beginning of reach round the GM(Me) will roll 2d6 for the players and they gain the total points towards their next turn, you may only take 2 actions per turn.
If a player has 3 points or under, they gain +2 to their next power roll, if a player have 4 points they gain +3 to their next power roll. Points reset each age. the format is this.. (The X indicates a number)
Second Age, Third Age, Fourth Age.. anything marked with a [A] requires an avatar present to commit the action.
An avatar can perform ONE of the following immortal or Many Mortal actions (such as leading an army) in a turn when commanded. Immortal actions which an avatar can perform include: Command City, Create Order, Command Order, Create City, Corrupt/Purify City, Create Race (ONCE) , gather an army. Through the use of an avatar, players may for example
raise two armies in a turn from the same city, or execute two commands upon a race.
Shape Land, 3 5 8
Shape Climate, 2 4 6
[A/D]Create Race, 22 6 15
Create Subrace, 12 4 10
Command Race, 8 4 3
[A]Command City, 6 4 2
Advance Civilization, 10 5 6
Advance City, 8 4 5
[A]Purify Civ, +1 Align* 5 3 4
[A]Corrupt Civ, -1 Align* 4 3 3
[A]Purify City, +1 Align* 4 3 3
[A]Corrupt City, -1 Align* 3 2 2
Event, 10 7 9
Create Order, 8 6 4
Command Order, 4 3 2
Create Avatar, 10 7 8
Command Avatar, 2 1 1
Gather Army, - 10 10
Command Army, - 6 4
Catastrophe, 10 10 10

Advancements in your Civilization/Cities.
You can advance your civilizations, and cities in almost any way you can imagine, I'll personally set the time required to research it, and tell you what the bonus of that research would be. Smile This is to promote more freeform play, instead of forcing you into a corner.

Join Format!
Deity's Name:
Deity's Icon:(Optional, can be described, or posted as an image.)
Deity's Alignment: (D&D alignment system)

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Re: Dorkplomacy V3 (The "We'll finish this one" edition!)

Post by Saladin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:49 am

Deity's Name: Sos'b Ig'b
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Re: Dorkplomacy V3 (The "We'll finish this one" edition!)

Post by Captain Snyder on Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:24 pm

Deity's Name: Solus
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Re: Dorkplomacy V3 (The "We'll finish this one" edition!)

Post by Azyrx on Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:08 am

Deity's Name: Praethus
Deity's Icon: TBD
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Re: Dorkplomacy V3 (The "We'll finish this one" edition!)

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